Fastron NanoGuards

Friday, 09 April 2010

From 1 April 2010, all TV audience will be able to watch the new ad Pertamina Fastron MaxLife Technology.

It shows the toughness of Fastron in protecting and keeping your car performance in extreme conditions (snowy roads in Lake Mountain Australia till desert in Dubai, United Arab Emirates).
This is achieved by special additives in the lubricants, called ‘Nano Guards’.

“Nano Guards means the smallest particle that could protect your engine to the smallest room,” said M Surya Anindita, Asst Brand & Communication Unit Pelumas Pertamina.

The result?

Your car engine can be started easily in all kind of weather and conditions. Performance is always optimum thanks to Nano Guards.

Pertamina Fastron MaxLife Technology with Nano Guards is available in lots of countries such as Taiwan, Singapore, Belgium, Pakistan, Uni Emirat Arab, Qatar, Australia, Thailand and Myanmar. Coming soon in Japan, Oman and Vietnam.

For your information, nano is super small or to be exact one millionth meter. If human hair can be divided 50,000 times, that is the size of Nano. It can only be seen with Atomic Force Microscope - AFM. (*)