Pertamina Mechanic go home

Saturday, 28 August 2010

For any mechanics that joins this PIKNIK- Pulang mudIk Keluarga mekaNIK, they have special performance by religious singer, Opick.

The singer namely Aunur Rofiq Lil Firdaus will sing for mechanics and their families in Monas at 8 September 2010, or the day when all mechanics departed to cities in Java and Sumatra island. She will start the special performance from 6-8 morning and she will perform her hits album Istighfar

Besides Opick, all mechanics will also be entertained by Kembank Goyang which will ensure they are all having a good time.

This PIKNIK programme for all Pertamina mechanics, are all planned and deployed by Pertamina. They had a survey team that went into each garage / mechanic shops to enrol with the programme.

Each garage/mechanic shop's owner is allowed to send 2 mechanics to join this programme. All data gathered then compiled by Pertamina and decisions will be made which shop can join.

For this PIKNIK event, Pertamina Lubricants have prepared tens of buses to go to cities in Java and Sumatra island, such as to Surabaya (10 buses), Semarang (19 buses), Purwekorto – Jogla – Solo – Wonogiri (20 Buses) and Lampung (1 Bus). (*)