2014 Motorbike market will reach 10 millions unit

Saturday, 06 November 2010

Jakarta – Prediction of motorbike sales will shoot to 10 millions unit in 2014.

That is what Chief of Indonesian Motorbike Association (AISI), Mr. Gunadi Sindhuwinata in Jakarta Motorcycle Show 9JMCS) 2010 in Jakarta Convention Center (JCC) is saying. ”We are sure prior to 2014 even we have surpassed the 10 million numbers,” .

The sharp increase is due to people income per kapita keeps increasing, plus it is now easier to apply for bank credit.

So far, motorcycle industry has included 300 suppliers and 300,000 direct employees, with total national capacity production reach 7.5 million units per year.. It has created employment up to 1.65 million.

With this situation, Pertamina always try to be on top of this. It keeps producing excellent products, such as Pertamina Enduro 4T, 4T Racing and Matic. There are new products launched such as Pertamina Gear Oil for small motor transmission. (*)