Pertamina Australia

Tuesday, 20 October 2009

Australia - PT. PERTAMINA (Persero) through lubricants business unit launched their products in Australia. The event was opened by Ministry of Transportation NSW, Sales and Marketing Director of Pertamina and Consulate General of Indonesia in Sydney 23 October 2009. Lubricants market in Autralia will be covering automotive and industrial segments. Some of the brands will be available such as Fastron, Prima XP, Meditran SX etc.

Pertamina lubricants product with tagline X’treme Power & Protection (XP2), based on quality, lubricants are divided into 3 classes which is Premium, Gold and Silver. Pertamina lubricants are made of mixture of best mineral and fully synthetic plus additives that is also produced by renown brands such as Lubrizol, Infenium, Chevron Oronite etc, to give consumers a high quality lubricants. Every Pertamina products has quality certification from API (American Petroleum Institute), JASO (Japanese Automobile Standard Organization), ACEA (Association des Constructeurs European d’Automobiles), Volvo, Daimler Chrysler, also from Komatsu, Niigata, Caterpillar, Wartsila, etc.

Australian market is very attractive for PERTAMINA, distance is close as neighbouring country, and it needs approx 550,000KL/annum. Starting target would be top tier and medium tier of automotive industry, with approximately 260,000KL (48% from national target). The target market would be independent garage, taxi pool, bus/truck pool, and non chain retailer shops.

For the first year, PERTAMINA has target to sell around 3-5 container per month. With business growth 15-20% per year, hopefully by 2015 the business in Australia can achieve over 5,000KL/annum.

Pertamina has chosen a distributor, Offshore Lubricants Pty Ltd the address is 28 Bryant Street, Padstow NSW 2211 Australia. At the moment, Offshore Lubricants has sold lubricants to independent garage, taxi pool, gas station dll. Pertamina has aggresive strategy to widen the market to other states of Australia so it is easier for consumers to purchase its products in shortest period of time.

Pertamina also has launched 2 Pertamina OliMart in Sydney, in Enmore Street and Canterburry Road. These Olimart is a business collaboration between Pertamina and Country Distributor with independence garage, so consumers will get education, promotional events and competitive prices.

Pertamina has been the oil and gas producer for the past 52 years, involving integrated business from exploration and production, to product sales and marketing, in Indonesia and abroad. In Indonesia, Pertamina Lubricants is the market leader with over 54% or market share, outside Indonesia, Pertamina Lubricants is in the following countries Belgium, Pakistan UAE, Myanmar, Singapore, Taiwan etc. (*)